Product List

Linear Motion Modules

Our pre-assembled linear motion modules are available in three types: ball screw, belt-and-pulley, and cleanroom-rated.

Cartesian Robots

Linear motion modules can be assembled into multi-axis systems to meet the high-precision, high-payload industrial motion control applications.

Servo Cylinders

TC100 controller provides users with three control methods to choose from I/O, pulse, and communication. Connect up to 16 units in series.

Minature Cylinders 

Re-designed! Built-in servo motor, smaller size, and enhanced functionality 

Electric Grippers

Outperform pneumatic gripers with fast open-close speeds and precise clamp force and positioning control.

Linear Motor Modules

When integrated with related tools, the linear motor module is perfect for multi-purpose assembly, material handling, screw tightening, and more.

Desktop Robots

TOYO's high-precision desktop robot with in-house developed, easy-to-use software makes integration for dispensing, soldering, automated optical inspection (AOI), screw-tightening applications a breeze. Our software's built-in CAD-to-path conversion reduces development time. When combined with a CCD or laser, the desktop robot can perform XYZ coordinate correction and continuous path interpolation.

Clean Room Type

Achieve the same performance as equivalent standard environment models with an SGS-certified Class 10 cleanroom-rating.

Automated Guided Vehicles

TOYO's AGV system allows you to reach your destination with its two servo motors and dual-axis ABH3 series driver.


TOYO's in-house developed driver-controller provides multiple control methods,easy-to-use parameter setting, and powerful functionality.

Selection Guide

Quick and easy model selection application. Get the right motion module for your application.