News updated news:2023/11/09
News updated news:2023/11/09
【Exhibition】 「Toyo Robotics Korea」

Toyo Robotics Korea Draws Attention with Collaborative Robot Application Using Rack and Pinion Actuators at the 2023 Motion Control Expo

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 Journalist: Moon Jung-hee, November 6, 2023, 11:30:10

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Toyo Robotics Korea (hereinafter referred to as Toyo Robotics Korea) participated in the '2023 International Motion Control Industry Expo' held at COEX from October 25 (Wednesday) to 27 (Friday), exhibiting electric actuators, linear motors, electric grippers, desktop robots, AGV unmanned transport vehicles, nano air-bearing stages, and more.

Among them, the centrally located booth showcased the Volscryu servo actuator, boasting a long stroke (up to 2,500 mm), achieving reduced height and miniaturization of the product. Additionally, it reduced weight with an aluminum slider and built-in rail structure.

A representative from Toyo Robotics Korea stated, "This product employs an aluminum body structure to enhance strength, simplify the structure, and achieve miniaturization." They added, "Moreover, the centrally positioned control motor is designed without connecting couplings, reducing the total length and saving space."

Another product, the rail-integrated linear module, differs from the typical ball bearing structure causing friction, utilizing a steel belt ball bearing structure to minimize friction, thereby possessing characteristics of low noise and requiring minimal long-term maintenance.

The application of collaborative robots using rack and pinion actuators exhibited in one corner of Toyo Robotics Korea's booth drew attention. Through a dense gear arrangement, it maintains precision even over long distances while multiple sliders are attached to a single body, saving space and cost. The representative highlighted that the rack and pinion connection stroke can reach a maximum connection of 12 meters.

Additionally, Toyo Robotics Korea introduced ultra-compact electric cylinders, shaft-type linear motors, controllers, and more, attracting the interest of visitors.

Toyo Automation, a long-time dedicated developer of automation small robots in Taiwan, has progressed from the simplest motor control slider modules to the current development of complete motor and control systems.